My name and the number 69

Of course I can’t mention that English speakers tend to mispronounce my name without actually saying how to pronounce it. Sorry about that!


The two biggest issues are that English speakers like to pronounce their “th”s and don’t do well with hard “r”s. My name has both, plus four syllables, so I get why it’s an issue. Also, when you look it up on Youtube, you’ll get this: It’s not how to pronounce my name, though.

Here’s a sort of guide to how the name is pronounced, give or take a few stresses, nearly everywhere except by a mono-lingual English speaker:

doe (a deer, a female deer)-roe-tay-ah!

The exclamation mark afterwards is optional. So, it’s more like this:

Hope that satisfied some of your curiosity! Thanks for the interest.

In other news, this morning, I accidentally stumbled upon the stats for my wanderwolf blog and noticed I had a new “views” record for the blog. I had been staring at the previous record of 56 (or 57?/can’t remember) for about two years and wondered if it would ever be broken.

Turns out, it was broken by a number that I’m not too fond of: 69. It may seem immature, but I learned about what the number could reference late in my high school years and found it an awkward number ever since. I skip it on the treadmill in the gym (so no 6.69 paces for me) and I try not to include the use of the number in writing or speech. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to keep it away from me. It was part of my student ID for high school, studying abroad in Hamburg, and my pre-determined pin for several debit cards. Good thing I could change most of those (and the ones I couldn’t change I no longer have, so there).

So, while I think it’s really neat my site was viewed so often within a 24 hour period, I hope I don’t have to wait two years to change it again. Also, I’m aware of the irony that I decided to write about my disdain of the number 69, prompting the most I’ve ever used it in my life.

Thus concludes personal random facts day two for me. I hope to return to my regularly scheduled programming soon.



  1. You’re too funny.
    Yes, of course I was mispronouncing your name. The “tay” syllable goes against all English pronunciation rules. So Doro it is, 😀 I’m kidding, I’ll practice.
    I’ll try to make a visit to your site numerous times today to see if we can’t get rid of that number… or does it have to be different URL’s, I wonder. 🙂

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  2. funny. when i talk to you in my head i use wanderwolf instead of dorothea anyhow. now i realize i’m likely pronouncing wanderwolf wrong. i’m doing with D (pronounced J).

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  3. heh, you’re funny.

    My grandma had a neighbor and good friend named Dorothea who escaped Germany during WWII when she was a girl. Maybe because she got tired of correcting everyone, we all called her by the very English pronunciation: Door-thee-a

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  4. Oh my gosh that it just too funny. I can’t believe this whole time I’ve been saying your name wrong! Would it be odd to start saying it the right way after all these years? Believe it or not my name has been pronounced wrong as well because of the States. I love coming across your blog. PM me when you get the chance! Is your .edu email still your main? Much Love, Samiyeh

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