Frohe Weihnachten und guten Rutsch

Hi everyone!

Wow. It’s been a long time (and not in the Boston “it’s been such a long time…” way; looking at it again, though, maybe).

Anyway, it’s fair enough to say that since getting back from Germany, blogging about anything (but especially Germany) has taken the backseat.

Still, I have hundreds of feather-light memories that I have time to get lost in everyone in a while, when someone shakes the snow globe of my life, and then I get pulled back to Germany and my life there. This has been happening a lot more during the Christmas season. As you may recall (if you’ve stuck with me through these quiet times!), I‘ve posted about Germany’s customs before.

This year, the semester didn’t really end for me until Dec. 18th, even though classes were out on Nov. 25th. Still, I’ve managed to get into the Christmas spirit a little with Advent every Sunday, baking cookies, going downtown Delray and looking at the 100 ft. tree, and getting Christmas cards out (yup. still do those).

I’m really excited about tomorrow, but more so about what happens after all the guests are gone (if you recall, Germans have two days of Christmas, so we have guests through Saturday) when it’s just me and my family again. I have a grad school application to submit by the 31st, which is the worst time for a deadline, if you ask me (though I could of course always have been more disciplined and already been done with it), but there’s also time for catching up on e-mails, Christmas letters (from the other dinosaurs who still do them) and lots of card playing.

I hope everyone was able to prepare enough for tomorrow that it’s a relaxing start into a glorious three day weekend, that there’s moments of peace in the festive atmosphere, and that everyone arrives healthy into the new year.

I also hope to figure out a new way to use this blog effectively, so that it’s not filling up unnecessary cyberspace for the next year, so please stay tuned!

Tschüß!- Dorothea