Halloween Happenings in Berlin

I posted something about Halloween in Germany a long time ago (two years ago, actually), but this time the foreignness of the idea isn’t getting to me as much. I’ve accepted that Germany has accepted most of the US’s commercial holidays, including St. Patty’s Day and St. Valentine’s Day, so I just appreciate what I do see.

If I’m not mistaken, the Germans do have a Thanksgiving- even if it’s called “Harvest Thank Fest (Erntedankfest)” and even if it is closer to the harvest time in early October (Oct. 2nd, I believe).– I write “not mistaken” and “I believe” as though I don’t have internet and Google. I do. In fact, I just spent a ridiculous amount of time playing Google’s Halloween game. I can confirm that the above statements are true. —

In other news, I still find daily incentives to just get out and about the city by bike, if possible. The Allied Forces Museum is actually on the route to one of my University’s campuses. It’s almost right across from the US Consulate, where I may or may not have recently asked whether I could just vote at the US Embassy in center Berlin if I don’t get my absentee ballot on time.



Here’s a photo from Platz der Luftbrücke. If you don’t know about the  Berliner Luftbrücke, or Airlift, I invite you to look it up.

This museum is in former west Berlin. The actual airport where the planes (like the one above) landed is much further in the east. I happened to walk by there today on my way home from a race.

The museum is one I really want to visit, as well as the Museum of Communications. Seeing as I’m doing my doctorate with media studies, I should inform myself about them as much as I can.

Today, it’s finally sunny after weeks of dreary clouds in Berlin. I spent all morning appreciating the sun, but now have to sit at my desk and work. At least the sun is gone now at 5 p.m. (Daylight Savings ended here!), so I feel less guilty.

Otherwise, life is pretty okay.



I love this monument to freedom after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Makes me happy just to be able to see it on my commute.

I have one positive and one negative thing to say about living in Germany, or in Berlin:

(negative first, to get it over with): insurance laws are confusing as f***. Then again, they are in the US too, so can’t complain too much.

positive: the public transportation is such a huge quality-of-life booster. If I don’t have to get somewhere at a certain time, I can always get lost and find another way back to where I need to go. One transportation line always crosses with a line I’ll recognize, so I’m never lost for long. Of course, when I do have to be somewhere by a certain time… well, let’s just say I always need to plan a bit extra.

Hope everyone has a great week! Happy Halloween, tomorrow! I may not be dressing up, but I have my orange black cat socks I’ll be wearing.


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