Tourist for another day- Berlin

2015-04-04 18.21.19  2015-04-04 18.23.35 2015-04-04 18.32.58 2015-04-04 18.38.53

I’ve done my share of hogging the “Reader” feed for today, but I couldn’t leave WordPress without posting something about my recent trip to Berlin.

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera for the first part of the day, but the second part (thank goodness it stays light fairly long) I was able to take some photos.

There are the iconic goldene Else, a sign post (there are hundreds of these in Berlin, since it was and continues to be a city that draws artists from all over Germany and the world) announcing where Kurt Weil, composer for Brecht, lived for a while, a statue from the garden for the president’s house, the Schloss Bellvue, and the palace itself. I was intrigued by the paths and cameras along the interior of the garden, that was framed by a high, strong fence. I didn’t realize that the president needed so much security, since he’s more of a ceremonial figure than a politically decisive one. Yet, apparently, his cultural and political value is still strong.

The mix of history, politics, culture, art and nature in Berlin fascinates me.


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