addendum to Liebster award

A week ago, I nominated five bloggers for the Liebster award in my own response to the nomination (thank you again Sara Bennet!).

So far, none of the nominees have acted on the award and it makes me wonder if my questions were too personal, whether I showed bad blogging etiquette. This made me wonder if my experiences abroad and my inexperience in the virtual world has made me someone who fails to recognize the mental personal space of others.

I haven’t been on social media platforms for a while, and so I don’t know anymore what sorts of things are shared on social media. I also am confused a bit by the wide range of things shared on WordPress- posts range from personal battles with cancer to accidents while running to dealing with the deaths of family members.

On the other hand, I’ve also lost the feel for what sorts of things are shared “in real life” between people who don’t know each other. Since being here, I’ve been doing a lot of meeting people. Usually, these meetings are with other students, dorm-mates, professors, people waiting for the subway, etc. It’s bizarre how many times I’ve repeated my life story to people… come from U.S. America but speak good German because I was brought up biculturally, have been to Germany many times, studying comparative literature, writing my MA thesis, like to run… In the past month, I feel like I’ve spread my life across more people than this blog reaches, and yet I don’t see most of these people again. At the same time, there’s the desire to want to get to know others deeper, and in order to do that, one needs to take these first steps of introduction over and over again.

However, because I want to get to know people more personally, I wish I could start my introductions with what I like to eat for breakfast, or how I spent my morning so that I can open up a conversation where I learn these things about them too. Yet somehow, that is too personal… I’m a bit confused since I’m actually a reserved person, and yet I need to be open…

So it’s all very confusing right now and I’m sorry if my questions seemed too personal or my own expressions on this blog seem too frank. I do actually censor myself while I write because I write with a specific purpose and an imagined audience in mind, and I think you should know that the person I present on screen is also not necessarily the one you would meet if you ever met me. It’s certainly not the person I am with my family, so I am aware that there are these fine lines of private and public… I just may need to be more clear about it after having been confused via my blog and since being abroad, and I’ll try to be a little more aware of that in the future.

Hope I haven’t thrown anyone off…




  1. Oh no, not at all. It’s been part laziness and part busyness on my part. The questions are fine, I honestly just haven’t had the time to sit down and go through them carefully, which I heard unfortunately and comically is common with the Liebster and other similar blog awards (these ungrateful nominees!:) And I’ll bet anything that’s the case with the other nominees.

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