Month: July 2014


There’s no better way to title an introduction post than by telling it like it is. I wrote this introduction mostly for myself, to help myself focus this blog, but if it also helps someone just stumbling around my blog to get interested in reading what I write, then I’ve killed two birds with one stone (not that I condone violence or anything).

To begin with, welcome to my blog. I run three sites: deutscherwanderwolf is my main one and wanderwolfreading and wanderwolfrunning are sister sites. I split up my blog this way so that I can direct people towards one site or the other without having people annoyed by content that they are not interested in when going to the site. For example, wanderwolfreading, or just Reading, is my site for reflecting on my academic studies- which happens to do with books and poetry. There you can see what books and poems I had to read for my MA comprehensive oral exams in 2014, or the works I used for my MA thesis. I also reviewed several plays I attended while studying abroad in Hamburg. Now, I update my “Reading Log” with things I have to read for my PhD attempt.  If you’re interested in German, English, or Russian literature or literary theory, that’s the site for you. If you like to run and follow other people who have a certain number of miles on their shoes and like to talk about that, wanderwolfrunning is for you. My main blog has and continues to be my deutscherwanderwolf blog where I post my musings, international or otherwise.

I started this blog summer 2014 to write about my  experiences abroad with the Federation of German-American Clubs (VDAC, if you want to look them up) scholarship program in Hamburg, Germany. When I got back to the States in fall 2015, I wanted to write about my experiences as a study-abroad alum permanently interested in Germany–where it’s been and where it will go–as well as my new perspective of the United States and its relationships to other countries. I kept it up alright, but was less inspired throughout the hum-drum of working life than I thought I would be. I went back to taking things for granted that surprised me about the US when I was fresh back. Still, my interest in Germany cannot disappear, partially because I continued to feel part German and speak it as my primary language at home.

Thus, as of fall 2016, I will be pursuing my PhD in (you guessed it) Germany. I’m lucky enough to go back and be studying in Berlin, Germany for at least three years. It’s a city I know very well and hope to get to know even better. I also hope to pick up a few more readers along the way, and to continue developing my ability to express ideas about culture and society.